Cliente: Since May 2003 for a leading international private medical centre based in Barcelona. Company with recognised best medical practices in its core areas and service excellence.

Sector: Hospital

Objetivos del cliente: After a medical consolidation process, management of clinical ancillary services could be reframed to address the need for efficiency and excellence pursued by the owners and management. Reviewing and proposing an ancillary services management model (cleaning critical areas, room service, common areas and laundry) and constructively implementing it while maintaining the existing team. Changing days and timetables of the entire team to adapt to the challenge of having resources and optimum service in all timeslots and facilities without increasing resources or costs. Advising on drawing up detailed protocols as part of a process of international certification of the service.

Solución proyecto de servicios Mullor: Working with the customer’s HR department to revamp the organisation. Help with renegotiating the timetables and work plans of the customer’s entire team. Individual and group training sessions in applying the new protocols for the entire cleaning, room attendance, laundry and waste management services team. Mentoring and management on the ground for the suitability of changes and compliance with them. Cutting costs and improving service. Establishment of objective measures. Review of the in-house/outsourcing model according to tax laws in the hospital sector.

Servicios: Consultancy , Ancillary Services, Cleaning