Mullor’s experience and reliability are highly valued in these sectors where process safety and fully guaranteed hygiene are key factors.
We work in coordination with our customers without interfering in their own processes.
We buy into their quality standards throughout the entire value chain under IFS and ISO 22000 protocols and procedures.

We provide services such as: cleanroom disinfection, production line hygiene, cleaning of all kinds of production processes, pest control, outsourcing ancillary services, internal logistics, cleaning and disinfecting silos, etc.

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Mullor has been working for 70 years with a variety of customers including large and small hospitals, schools, universities and residential homes.
Special selection and training of personnel to work in these environments is critical because they call for meticulous people and processes that deliver facility hygiene and maintenance in an orderly and friendly way with tremendous attention to detail.
Companies choose Mullor because in addition to our very special service we also deliver complete reliability in the processes in which we are involved. Above all, we value the understanding and the care provided by our staff, because at the end of the day we are serving people.

  • "Since literally the first day of service in our educational centre, Mullor has given us a superior service.Resolving immediate problems and also working as a team is something we highly appreciate and see year after year. You can tell that this comes naturally to Mullor." David Gabaldónn CFO and HR St.Paul's School

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Our customers appreciate the guarantee that we offer in occupational health and safety along with our flexible and proactive approach that enables us to continuously deliver process improvements tailored to their needs.

  • “Mullor has been an industrial partner in facility services that has mentored us and made restructuring our plants in Spain easy. Over time they have continuously improved productivity with the highest standards of quality and health and safety.” Fernando Rodriguez Non-Productive Purchasing Spain MAHLE Behr Spain S.A.


The leisure and culture industry has strict requirements for attention to detail which shape the way we operate. Our customers demand painstaking care and high involvement.
We adapt to their specific needs, especially in terms of variation in demand over days or times of year. We deliver an immediate response so that everything runs smoothly and any unforeseen incidents are dealt with speedily.

  • “Right from the word go Mullor conveyed confidence and professionalism to put together a joint service improvement project, a change in dynamics and methodology, consistent with the uniqueness of Maremagnum. Time has shown that we made the right choice.” Maremagnum, shopping & dining at the marina
  • “L´Illa is a large modern mall with millions of visitors where everything happens in real time. Our suppliers must always be reliable, respond quickly and have a positive attitude. Mullor has always met our needs. Plus we have seen that its employees appreciate the professional and caring way in which Mullor treats them.” Gerard Cutal, Manager L'illa diagonal
  • “Mullor is a provider, but it is part of our team. It has made the members of its team members of our team too.Liaison officers at both Mullor and Baricentro have retired, and new challenges have come along at each stage that we have met with enthusiasm and results.” Carme Pascual, Director Baricentro
  • “When you’re looking for a supplier for a critical and ongoing service you want companies that are professional, thorough, demanding and can get the best out of people. For years Mullor has demonstrated that being cost competitive is compatible with all these goals. The ability to deliver a coordinated response to the diversity of services that a unique facility like ours requires is what best describes Mullor. They make complex things easy.” Xavier Rodón, Technical Director of Maintenance, Teatre Lliure
  • “One of the most difficult aspects has been the maintenance of Casa Milà, La Pedrera. The people moving around and working in this building need to have specific training as it is not only a multidisciplinary building but also a World Heritage Site. The involvement of Mullor’s people has helped ensure it is properly cared for and has won the awards and recognition it has earned in Barcelona’s architectural and heritage community” Alfons Font, Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

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Caixa Catalunya La Pedrera


Banks, retail firms, companies with regional offices, etc.
We deploy all our coordination, monitoring and quality control capacity for this customer profile.

Working with customers who have sites scattered around the country is a challenge in which we leverage our extensive experience in managing complexity, coverage and consistent quality in line with the standards, processes and protocols of each company.
Our customers appreciate the peace of mind they get from working with Mullor as we manage and simplify their internal processes in services as diverse as cleaning, ancillary services, maintenance and gardening.

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Demand in the accommodation and food services industry for facility services companies focuses on the two key issues of complete flexibility and multiservice.

At Mullor we give absolute priority to the seasonality of the industry in which we operate and to the pace set and required by the customer. Using technology platforms we can connect to our customers’ bookings data and adjust staffing to the levels required at any given time.

Cleaning and maintenance are the two services most in demand in the accommodation and food services industry

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