Cliente: Since January 2009 for a food industry multinational that has several production centres in the Iberian Peninsula and is headquartered in Madrid. Centralised service procurement management. ISO 22000-certified company with recognised best practices in all areas of food safety, worker health and safety and employment requirements.

Sector: Food

Objetivos del cliente: Hiring “soft” facility services for one of its largest factories in Spain to continue to improve productivity and service quality. Working jointly with the factory’s quality objectives and the financial objectives shared by the factory and corporate headquarters. Being able to evolve year after year with new productivity challenges.

Solución proyecto de servicios Mullor: Development of a new architecture of Technical Hygiene Services which together with the client allows for more efficient service management. Complete reorganisation of the service teams at all levels, changing schedules, roles and training to enable cost reductions. Increased training and integration of outsourced Technical Hygiene Servicesoutsourced to achieve improvements in productivity and safety.

Servicios: Cleaning, Technical Hygiene, Technical Services