Technical Services


We offer you:

We manage our own maintenance services or we just simplify their management.

This is an activity in which our clients can work either with their own personnel or with an increasing externalization.


The division of technical services has professionals in building maintenance and industrial facilities at its disposal that work at our clients' house daily.


We work for all types of clients and sectors, and this fact allows us to understand all the needs and dynamics of the required services.


We have specialized technical teams in order to take action in corrective maintenance activities or non-usual interventions such as:

We have gardening teams at our disposal that are permanently working in private houses and also provide periodic maintenance of indoor or outdoor gardens and swimming-pools.


The services have different response and sizing accorded grades, so we can provide the hired level of response.
Our technical services work hard in the metropolitan areas of Barcelona and Madrid.


The facility services projects are integral maintenance projects in which a service maintenance leader is the one that plans and coordinates the different technical services teams. Coordination and efficiency are the key elements of our technical services projects.


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