Firms trust Mullor for our special personalized service

For 70 years Mullor has worked with different clients including all types of hospital, schools, universities and retirement homes.


The specific staff selection and training is essential in these areas, as very careful personnel and processes are needed in order to work on the facilities' hygiene and maintenance with cleanliness, kindness and extreme attention to details.


Firms trust Mullor because we add a great ability in all the processes that we take action in to a very special and personalized service, in which we value the human values and attention of our staff. In the end, we are serving people.


In the Sanitary sector, we offer the following services:

  • Reception services
  • Access control services in parkings
  • Archive and pouch services
  • Telephone operators services
  • Facilities regulatory maintenance
  • Facilities corrective maintenance
  • Sanitary centres integral cleaning: consulting rooms and high, medium and low risk areas
  • Hyigiene and protocol plan development
  • Protocol and planning fulfillment tracking through our own web-based platform
  • File confidential destruction
  • Waste management
  • Operation room and clean room technical decontamination
  • Conditioning systems decontamination
  • Smoke extraction ducts cleaning
  • Vertical works
  • Technical areas specialized cleaning
  • Environmental quality auditings
  • Environmental quality certifications
  • Pest control
  • Legionella prevention
  • Mass catering services
  • Lifelines installation

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