About us

What makes us different?

Mullor offers solutions in Facility Services and Outsourcing to our clients since 1941.


We are a family firm that has specialized over the past 80 years to provide closer services, adapted to our client's needs. 


We are experts in Facility Services and Outsourcing activities including technical hygiene, technical services, maintenance, auxiliary services, pest control and mass catering, among others.


Thanks to our extensive experience, we offer Much More than Facility Services providing our clients with operational maturity in addition to a certified and trained staff for each of the services that we offer.

We offer a wide range of Facility Services and Outsourcing:

Our vocation for services and a well-done work is the key of our experience and increasing trend in the maintenance and general services in enterprises.

We are many more

Years of experience

Mullor and the SDGs

Mullor joined the Global Compact, maintaining since 2015 its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030. Specifically, Mullor is actively working on eight goals

Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

For more detailed information on our actions and projects linked to these 8 objectives, visit the section on Our Projects.

Coverage in the Iberian Peninsula

Mullor and Climex have a services strategic alliance for the Iberian Peninsula. Mullor, with historic presence in the Spanish market (1941), and Climex, with historic presence in the Portuguese market (1967) cooperate actively in order to provide effective services to both firms' customers throughout the whole Iberian Peninsula.
Our clients can choose between a centralized billing (in Portugal or Spain) or a separate billing with centralized communication capacity and homogeneous service processes. After years of business collaboration, Mullor and Climex invested in 2014 in the same computer system (maintaining the firms' separation and their local activities) in order to maximize the service potential to the clients in the Iberian Peninsula,

Contact for services in the Iberian Peninsula

For further information of the services that we offer in Portugal, contact us at portugal@mullor.com

For further information of the services that we offer in Spain, contact us at mullor@mullor.com

For further information about Climex, visit their webpage

Nuestros-clientes mullor

Our clients

Because each client is different and this is how we understand this at Mullor, we offer a wide variety of Facility Services.


This is why we structure in a very precise and organized way the required services for every new project, with the intensity and the working methodology that better adapts to everyone.


Because all services are one in the end: the best combination for every client, with reliability, flexibility and quality.



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