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Mullor provides coordinated and reliable services throughout Spain and Portugal.

Thanks to its extensive experience, operating force and presence throughout the whole Iberian Peninsula, Mullor is able to meet all our clients' requirements for their unique cultural spaces, grand leisure facilities and shopping centres. The sectorial experience allows us to provide a wide range of solutions and customized professional attention to smaller unique spaces too.


We work for both small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for large enterprises with multiple support desks that require orchestrated services with coordination capacity, risk prevention activities centralization, homogeneous management criteria and shared quality control and monitoring.

We offer:

Working with different clients is a challenge in which we show a great management and coordination experience, from the simplest to the more complex activities, with capillarity and a homogeneous quality according to the standards, processes and protocols of each firm that we work with.


Our clients appreciate the tranquility of working with Mullor, as we assume all the planning, monitoring and management with a constant and transparent communication.


We also simplify all the intern processes of our clients by becoming part of their staff and operating force in many different services such as cleaning, auxiliary services, management or gardening.



Our workers submit to the highest risk prevention, training and work organization criteria, with the certainty that they will fulfill all the required rules and protocols in every activity sector.

For business establishments, leisure centres, museum, theatres, concert halls and unique buildings with more than 50 permanent workers, there is the chance to hire services through our Special Work Centre.

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