Our Projects

our projects

Projects that seek to generate equal opportunities

We collaborate with Fundació Tallers to integrate people into the labor market

Formación Mullor para inserción laboral en Casal dels Infants

We collaborate with Casal dels Infants and Formació i Treball to create opportunities for the most disadvantaged

In recent years we have inserted


people in a situation of vulnerability

Projects that seek the development and well-being of people intervening in different social fields


UIC Scholarships

We participate in the "No talent without a future" project, a scholarship program for students at the International University of Catalonia (UIC)

Entrega de BECAS Mullor UIC - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


Sponsorship of the Barcelona Egyptian Museum Foundation


Mullor is a member of the driving force of Copersona, a project that works to reach a model of real co-responsibility in all areas, which allows personal and professional development in equal conditions for men and women.

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Fidem Awards

We sponsor the FIDEM Awards that are given annually and are a tribute and recognition to the successes achieved by women who, with their good management, contribute to changing the world.

Premiadas con el Premio FIDEM 2021 a mujeres que contribuyen a cambiar el mundo

Prevention of gender violence

We sponsor the PREMIO APRENDIZAJE Y SERVICIO (APS) in the category of Gender Equality, which rewards those schools and their projects that seek to promote gender equality from education.


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Barna Màgics-SELID

Sponsorship of the basketball club made up of people with disabilities.


Fundació Salut i Persona

The team of "Fundació Salut i Persona" gives emotional support to our workers of Selid, our Special Work Center and who we consider may need it.


Enhanced Reality Project

For the construction of a new pediatric oncology and hematology hospitalization area at the Vall d'Hebrón Hospital. 

Projects that support the environment

We have an environmental policy that influences the functioning of our organization and how we relate to our collaborators.

We belong to the Barcelona+Sustainable network

Compliance with the 2030 agenda with the following SDG

Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Promotion of CSR as a management model and business strategy

Active participation from the beginning of the Respon.cat association, a business reference organization in Catalonia in CSR.

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