Mullor offers response to the more demanding hotel establishments with specializes services and staff.

The housekeeping department of a hotel is critical for the satisfaction and safety of its customers.

The hotel must not only be in a good state of cleanliness and hygiene, but the process must be carried out in such a way that it incorporates the standards of behavior that all staff have.

In addition to the Housekeeping service, we offer work at height services, pest prevention and management, environmental audits and certifications, gardening.

Services to Hotels


Cleaning of rooms and areas adapting to hotel standards.

Guest attention services

Communal areas cleaning: Gardens and ponds, building roofs, facades, parkings, halls...

Facilities maintenance

Technical hygiene

profesionales servicios en hoteles
limpieza e higiene habitaciones hoteles
Servicios de housekeeping en sector hostelería Mullor

For hotel businesses with more than 50 permanent workers, there is the chance of hiring our services through our Special Work Centre.


We carry out a careful analysis of the different jobs to see if we can fill them with vulnerable people.

Further information

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