Mullor offers response to the more demanding hotel establishments with specializes services and staff.

Our experience, methodology and commitment has allowed us to work with the more demanding clients, offering services from our hostelry division, which meets the quality expected from the hotel establishments and their customers at all times.


For hotel establishments that choose a mainly internalized service management, we also offer externalized services such as: vertical works, pest control and management with the more advanced, technical and eco-friendly systems, environmental quality auditing and certifications, gardening, landscape gardening, paving polishing...


Through our web-based platform we can connect with the reservation details of our customers and plan the needs and services requires according to the seasonality and occupancy.

We offer specialized services for hotel establishments:

Room services

Customized room services for the hotel establishments and their goals. We serve the customers following the strictest attention, detail and specification requirements demanded by the audits and international certifications of the sector.

Guest attention services

Guest attention services in all service stages and in every interaction with the customer. Main entrance, reception, telephone operators, hall, parking access, valet service, car washing, spa and water areas, cloakroom service, iron service...

Facilities maintenance

Facilities maintenance services: gardening and landscaping, prevention maintenance, vertical works, fire control, alarm and surveillance systems and corrective maintenance.

Communal areas cleaning: Gardens and ponds, building roofs, facades, parkings, halls...


Technical hygiene

Technical hygiene: Kitchen and cold storage rooms cleaning, decontamination and certification, ventilation systems, smoke extraction systems, cooling towers and equipments, pest and legionella controls...

Catering: Project and space designing, supply logistic management, customer service, cleaning and maintenance, integral management of the service...


We make our own our clients' safety and quality standards throughout the whole value chain.


Our workers submit to the same risk prevention, training and work organization criteria than our clients, with the certainty that they will fulfill all the required rules and protocols in every activity sector.

For hotel businesses with more than 50 permanent workers, there is the chance of hiring our services through our Special Work Centre.

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