Auxiliary and Automotive Industries

Auxiliary and car industries

In the auxiliary and automobile industry, hygiene, cleanliness, risk prevention and safety in the workplace are of great importance, even more so due to the need for flexibility and continuous change in production lines.


Mullor offers auxiliary and specific services in the automotive industry, both in our clients' infrastructure and their manufacturing line, as well as other services that support their business' core.

In the auxiliary and car industries we offer the following:

Qualified staff

Our goal is to coordinate our work with our clientswithout interfering in the main activities of their business. In order to achieve this, our staff is duly qualified and trained in all management, control and safety measures that regulate each enterprise.


We design our work planning according to the specifications and together with our clients' prevention, quality and activities departments.


We monitor the quality and methodology used in each service, offering immediate and transparent answers.


Our selection procedures and staff management are efficient and answer the operational needs of our clients, both short-term and long-term.


We make our clients' safety and quality standards our own throughout the whole value chain.


Our workers submit to the same risk prevention, training and work organization criteria than our clients, with the certainty that they will fulfill all the required rules and protocols in every activity sector.

For enterprises of the auxiliary or car industry with more than 50 permanent workers, there is the chance of hiring our services through our Special Work Centre.

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