Our certifications

Mullor has historically been a pioneer company in the sectors in which it has worked by investing in including better practices in both the operating and the management of services.

Quality Certification
ISO 9001

We were the second firm of the sector in Spain to certificate according to the ISO 9001 in 1999.

Ever since, we keep improving our action protocols and our workers' awareness and formation year after year.

We share management items with our clients and we define specific improvement goals with them.

ISO 9001 is the international standardization regulation developed by the International Regulation Organisation, which determines the requirements for a quality management system.

It includes planning, control and improvement in the management of the services proved by an enterprise. It affects the satisfaction of both the client and the stakeholders.

Quality Certification
ISO 14,001

Mullor certificated its activities according to the ISO 14,001 in 2008. Our level of commitment with the sustainability goals of our clients is the highest.

ISO 14,001 is the international regulation developed by the International Regulation Organisation that refers to effective environmental management systems (SGA)

It helps companies identify, anticipate and manage the environmental risks and impact caused by their business core activities.


Quality Certification
ISO 22,000

Mullor was the first cleaning and hygiene firm in the Iberian Peninsula to certificate according to ISO 22,000 in 2012.

Our level of commitment with the food safety goals, process safety and the development of protocols for our workers' formation and activity is the highest. Our safety committee leads the formation activity and the procedures and innovation updating.

ISO 22,000 is the standard international regulation developed by the International Regulation Organisation that refers to food safety throughout the whole distribution chain. This regulation includes agro-industrial companies, services providers, non-alimentary products and equipment manufacturers.

This ISO 22,000 certification is the ISO certification equivalent to IFS and BRC, which are the usual references in quality and safety management in the food, pharmaceutical and perfume industries.


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