Education and Sports facilities

Education and Sports facilities

Educational centres and sports facilities are critical areas for many reasons: presence of kids, the amount of people that use concrete areas in a short period of time, the high requirements expected by the customers and the physical contact of the people with the facilities... This requires not only cleaning but also a constant hygiene and decontamination.


Mullor provides specialized services that meet the technical, organisation and human requirements and needs of both the facilities managers and the users of the educational centres and sports facilities.


We offer the following services for sports facilities and educational centres:

Qualified staff

Both sports facilities and educational centres require a traditional services management combined to a unique attention to details and sensibility to the user, as well as to strictly fulfill all work and organization planning.

Training and Development, selection and monitoring and the clients' feedback are key to provide services that meet all requirements.

Mullor works for different clubs, sports centres, chartered and private schools in many geographical areas in which the requirement level and the budget control must be managed transparently and professionally.

Our experience in service management provides additional experience, as we are able to understand in depth most of the required services.



Our workers submit to the highest risk prevention, training and work organization criteria, with the certainty that they will fulfill all the required rules and protocols in every activity sector.

For sports facilities and educational centres with more than 50 permanent workers or that simply wish to consider the chance of hiring some of our services through our Special Work Centrewe offer this opportunity to contribute to create employment opportunities for individuals with some kind of disability.

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