Education and Sports facilities

Education and Sports facilities

Both schools and sports centers have cleaning and maintenance as a sensitive point.


It is both because of the number of people they move and the number of children they can accumulate, as well as because of the continued use of bathrooms and changing rooms.


The analysis of the singularities of the facilities and the adaptation of the service to the moments of use, is critical to organize the work to be carried out. Mullor works close to each center, organizing groups to ensure maximum assistance to the most sensitive areas.


We offer the following services for sports facilities and educational centres:

Qualified staff

Both an educational center and a sports facility require special attention to detail, taking into account the image of the teams and the forms in the execution of the process.


Adequate training, awareness of people in the peculiarity of the centers and close monitoring ensure good results.

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For sports facilities or educational centers with more than 50 workers on their staff, there is the possibility of contracting the management and execution of services through our Special Work Centre.


We carry out a careful analysis of the different jobs to see if we can fill them with vulnerable people.

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