We were originally born in the 1940's as a management, installation and repairing workshop for wooden floors in Barcelona. Amadeo Veà, the founder, received a consulting and cleaning service request from one of his clients, the Gran Teatre del Liceu.


Due to this event, the floor cleaning and maintenance services become a relevant activity for the firm.


During the 1950's, the linoleum floors installation and maintenance increases rapidly. Consequently, the usage of cleaning machines for this type of floor is also increased.



In the 1960's, when our founder retired, a generational replacement took place. The second family generation started managing the firm, in which it had already worked for many years.


The boost provided by Josep Mullor Veà led to a significant development of the firm. While growing in terms of business activity and services externalization in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, Mullor actively took part in the legal and associative formation of the cleaning sector.


A second generational replacement took place in the late 1980's. With it, a full professionalization of the business management without giving up the firm's control and expanding our scope of action to Aragón and Cantabria.

The artisan vocation of the service, the attention to customers, being open to technological changes and the continuous improvement have defined Mullor since its beginnings.

Leaders in the sector's quality certifications

During the 1990's, the firm continues to increase the scope of action reaching Madrid's metropolitan area. Simultaneously, a pioneer certification in quality in the sector is done.


In this period, we start offering auxiliary services, vertical works and create our own risk prevention department in order to ensure both quality and safety in all services provided.

New century, more services offered

With the new century, other activities such as pest control, technical services, gardening and environmental quality services gradually incorporate to the services' offer and the services' know-how through the partnership integration to Grupo Mullor.


The global crisis in the second half of the decade clashes with a heavy economic crisis. Mullor decides to invest strongly in its human resources and systems from Grupo Mullor in order to maintain the efficiency and quality of the services provided.

Mullor manages to keep its activity level during the whole global crisis.

Simultaneously, we manage to not only keep our commitment with our own projects and those from other third-sector companies with whom we actively cooperate, but also increase significantly in new social projects and initiatives.

Nowadays, Mullor has more than 80 years of experience in services and human resources management.
We offer our clients coverage throughout the whole Iberian Peninsula thanks to a workforce with more than 3,000 workers.
We provide services to more than 1,000 clients that we want to attend as if it was their first day with us, with a professional, responsible and biased human team.

Hoy día el Grupo Mullor acumula casi 80 años de experiencia en gestión de servicios y equipos humanos. Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes una cobertura de servicios ibérica con una plantilla propia de más de 3.000 personas. Damos servicio a más de 1.000 clientes a los que deseamos tratar como el primer día con un equipo humano profesional, responsable y predispuesto.


Thanks to our extensive experience offering Facility Services and Outsourcing, we have consolidated our values and we transmit them to our human team so they become the bedrocks of the working style that define us.

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Because we manage all services provided and their coordination in an organized and professional way, and we are sure that we meet all protocols and processes that allow us to perform a safe, reliable and strict activity.


Because our willingness to serve, understand, live and share our clients' needs translates into consulting and honest work with and for them.


Because with our monitoring platforms, we communicate with our clients and we establish improvement plans together.

Because we want to improve on a daily basis with each project that we work in with flexibility, proactiveness and professionality, in order to provide tranquillity and efficiency to our clients.


Because we watch over our workers carefully and individually, helping them not only with their formation, but also with their motivation and professional development.


Because we offer quality to both our clients and workers whilst respecting society, environment and people.


Because our values define us and inspire all of our activities.

We are persons; much more than Facility Services.

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