Training and Development

training and development


Since its foundation, Mullor has been a pioneer firm in the cleaning sector professionalisation. We have also worked with the same goal in a growing range of activities over the last few years.

Nuestro modelo de formación combina la formación teórica con la formación práctica de personas trabajadoras, en todos los ámbitos de servicio.

Nuestros gestores/as de servicios son personas próximas al cliente y al trabajador/a. Preocupándose de conocer el servicio, todas las características técnicas de trabajo, así como las personas que los desarrollarán.

Formación para inserción laboral en Casal Infants

We firmly believe in personalized training We strongly believe in customized formation as a vehicle for transmitting knowledge to our workers.

Training and evaluation of our staff are always oriented to give the best service to our customers. And also to promote and seek opportunities for desarrollo profesional y personal de nuestros empleados/as.

Mullor has a constant commitment to boost its human team, fostering the staff's promotion and training without any kind of discrimination.

We organise training and monitoring activities during the year in order to make sure that these goals are fulfilled and to achieve satisfactory results to both our employees and our clients.


Our best value as a firm is the addition of all Mullor workers' capacities and commitment. We invest in the professional development of our employees' competences and capacities both in the short and the long term. The Personal Development department works in order to convey our workers' talent by offering improvement opportunities according to their capacities, competences and skills.

We want to know your talent!

This is why we periodically organise talent, promotion and formation recruitment campaigns with our staff.


If you are a member of Mullor and you want to progress and develop in your professional career, send your CV and an application letter by email or to our offices in Barcelona.


We will arrange a meeting and consider your engagement in future internal promotions.


If you aren't a member of our team, and whether you have experience in the services that we provide or you just want to prove your potential, we encourage you to contact us.


We are continually hiring new people for new jobs. All of them can be a means of promotion and professional development.

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