Auxiliary Services


The visible face of an enterprise

Auxiliary services are the visible face of an enterprise for both its customers and its employees.


We have specialized in managing outsourced services providing both professionality and human values.


Customer service staff must have specific qualifications as well as a unique motivation whether they work in an office, a museum, a hotel, a cultural space or a convention centre.


A telephone operator must have the answers to the questions he/she will be asked, but must also have both the qualification and the attitude to give the answers that fit the customers' expectations.


Similarly, a chambermaid is not only the person responsible for making the beds and taking care of a personal space in a hotel, but is also responsible for the image that the customer has from the hotel.

We know that the recruitment of suitable staff for each job is an essential task for our customers. We are also aware that this is only an intermediate stage:


Our services managers have previously determined and planned the tasks to be carried out as well as their critical issues, the work protocols, the risk assessments and the involvements included in the jobs that our customers have outsourced with us.


After the recruitment process, there must also be a constant monitoring of the quality of the service, the motivation, continuous training and improvement goals.

Whether in a full-outsourcing model or in a mixed model, we relate auxiliary services with business coordination, seasonality management, flexibility and teamwork with our customers in order to achieve the total inclusion of our staff with the human resources of our customer.


Janitors, telephone operators, ticket sellers, reprographics, waiters, chambermaids, drivers, deliverers... They must be the best image of our customers as well as ours.


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