Special Work Centre



Mullor has a Special Work Centre through which we want to foster social and responsible integration for those at risk of exclusion with the intention of promoting their development in all areas.


Simultaneously, we help our clients with alternative measures to fulfil the goals of the Ley General de Discapacidad.


Our main goal is to enable social and occupational integration of the most disadvantaged groups to the ordinary labour market, by providing them a decent, productive and paid job, adapted to their conditions and personal features and without taking into account the causes of their situation.

Centre especial de Trabajo oportunidades de trabajo

If you are interested in working with us, at Mullor or at our Special Work Centre, you can send your CV through the following questionnaire

Profesionales del Centro Especial Trabajo

We contribute to the LGD

We aim at fulfilling the companies' and individuals' work requirements by helping them meet the Ley General de Discapacidad (LGD), former Ley de Integración Social del Minusválido (LISMI), so our clients can boost and foster the labour inclusion of people with functional diversities through our Special Work Centre


If you are a company (public or private) with more than 50 permanent workers and you need alternate measures such as hiring services from a Special Work Centre in order to cover the inclusion of disabled people, contact us.

Trabajador del centro especial de empleo Mullor


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