Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission


Manage and provide services to the facilities of our client companies with the utmost excellence, continuously adapting to their needs, stimulating the development and well-being of our human team and generating opportunities for vulnerable people.

- Manage and provide auxiliary services, customer service, technicians, cleaning and hygiene by Mullor's own staff at the facilities of all kinds of companies and organizations in Spain.

- Develop economically sustainable services based on the efficiency of our operations and the satisfaction and loyalty of our client companies, which find the Mullor group a quality partner adapted to their needs.

- Take advantage of our professional activity to carry out and collaborate in initiatives with social responsibility. Especially those that allow vulnerable people to enter the world of work, develop people's professional competence, as well as actively contribute to projects that strengthen the social environment in which we provide services.

-Manage with the utmost commitment to people, ensuring emotional well-being, on-the-job training, a quality work environment and the professional progress of our entire team.

Our vision

what we aspire to

To be a reference for being an excellent, solid, competitive service group, in constant innovation, with our satisfied long-term client companies, responsible with the people who make it up and with society in general.

- Achieve the necessary competitiveness based on efficiency, objective quality, quality in the attention to our client companies, innovation and a set of good professional and work practices.

- Maintain and develop the human team over time and in a sustainable manner.

- Get involved in social projects to generate professional opportunities for the most vulnerable people.

- To be recognized by our client companies, the human team itself and society in general as a company that goes beyond the provision of a service.

Our values

how we are and how we always act

- Respect: At Mullor, human treatment and diversity management are pillars in coexistence and collaboration with our clients, suppliers and professionals.

- Commitment: Honesty, fair and sincere treatment, generating safe and reliable environments.

- Effectiveness: Professionals, with strategy and method, communicating on time according to pre-established agreements.

- Flexibility: With an open and close look, we adapt to the requirements, circumstances and situations. Always ready to innovate.

- Proactiveness: It does not only mean anticipating or taking the initiative. It is also building from dialogue, empathy and participation, to make things happen.

- Overcoming: we are non-conformists, we are excited about new goals. We achieve new purposes based on perseverance, professionalism and positivism.

– Our values are reinforced after 80 years of history, in which we have forged an identity that positively affects our human and professional environment.


– Our values are our way of acting, with the desire to improve and be competitive, with the desire to do our business well and better with our client companies and with our professional team.


– We formalize these values to clearly convey how we want our management to be and that of all the people who collaborate in the services.


– These values are our reason for being, our reference and model to follow in all our processes. And also in the social projects in which we collaborate as an organization.


– These values are the DNA of our company. We select, develop and promote talent aligned with these 6 fundamental values for Grupo Mullor.


– If you identify with these values we can be the company where to develop your professional career.

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