Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission


Manage and provide services to the facilities of our client companies with the utmost excellence, continuously adapting to their needs, stimulating the development and well-being of our human team and generating opportunities for vulnerable people.

- Manage and provide auxiliary services, customer service, technicians, cleaning and hygiene by Mullor's own staff at the facilities of all kinds of companies and organizations in Spain.

- Develop economically sustainable services based on the efficiency of our operations and the satisfaction and loyalty of our client companies, which find the Mullor group a quality partner adapted to their needs.

- Take advantage of our professional activity to carry out and collaborate in initiatives with social responsibility. Especially those that allow vulnerable people to enter the world of work, develop people's professional competence, as well as actively contribute to projects that strengthen the social environment in which we provide services.

-Manage with the utmost commitment to people, ensuring emotional well-being, on-the-job training, a quality work environment and the professional progress of our entire team.

Our vision

what we aspire to

To be a reference for being an excellent, solid, competitive service group, in constant innovation, with our satisfied long-term client companies, responsible with the people who make it up and with society in general.

- Achieve the necessary competitiveness based on efficiency, objective quality, quality in the attention to our client companies, innovation and a set of good professional and work practices.

- Maintain and develop the human team over time and in a sustainable manner.

- Get involved in social projects to generate professional opportunities for the most vulnerable people.

- To be recognized by our client companies, the human team itself and society in general as a company that goes beyond the provision of a service.

Our values

how we are and how we always act

- Respect: Humanity, Diversity Management, Coexistence and Collaboration. 

- Commitment: Honesty, Predictability, Security and Trust.

- Effectiveness: Professionalism, Method, Response and Communication.


- Flexibility: Proximity, Adaptation, Creativity and Innovation. 

- Proactiveness: Empathy, Dialogue, Initiative and Anticipation.

- Overcoming: Positivity, Nonconformism, Illusion and Constancy.

- Our values are the result of our efforts to improve and be competitive with the desire to do our business well and better in front of our client companies and our professional team.


- After more than 80 years of history, an identity has been formed that translates positively into our human and professional environment.


- The nature of our management is determined and we formalize it in these values.


- These values are our reference and the standard for the continuous improvement of our selection, training, individual and collective development processes.

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