Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility


Mullor has had very clear values since its inception that have been passed down from generation to generation.


The concern for the well-being of the workers, of the people, for their evolution, has always been the way of relating to our people, to our teams.

We work with a human team that shares our social approach: not only results are important, but also how we achieve them.

Collaborating in increasing the development of people, equal opportunities, helping the most vulnerable, are axes that permeate all our decisions and actions.

We invite you to visit our Mission, Vision and Values to learn more about our commitment to society, our client companies and the human team that makes up the Mullor Group

We are a family company.

Being a family company makes us want to last in time and to think in the long term. This allows us to develop coherent policies with these values.


The shareholders lead by example. Year after year, more than 75% of the benefits are reinvested in the company to make it financially stronger while expanding and investing. This is a guarantee for our employees and our suppliers.

Property is involved in management.

This means that it is inherently committed to the firm's performance. With responsibility for the economic development of the company, but with proximity with our workers as well.


Mullor always pays its workers before the end of the month, even though most implementation agreements allow to do the payroll payment until the 7th day of the month. With this, we intend to make a difference and to ease the economic management of our workers' families.

We employ many workers in more than 600 towns and cities.

Geographical spread can never be used as pretext to leave our human team members unattended. We want human dynamics to evolve in a equality and respect environment of which we are responsible for as a company.


We have an Equal Opportunity and Non-discrimination Plan.


It is our responsibility to create safe job opportunities for both our workers and our clients wherever they are.

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